Comments from some of those who have participated in
" Creating More of What Makes Your Heart Sing" Sessions.

[Reprinted with permission]

"I learned to keep my actions in line with what I know and feel to be true for me or I will be unhappy."

"I learned that 'creating' energy is positive, progressive, and self-affirming, while the victim energy is self-denying and draining."

"It takes work, because it is a conscious effort for me each time there is a turn in the path, but it is getting easier to create more of what makes my heart sing as I am more aware, more conscious. I've told myself in the past that I am just not good with directions and either given up and turned back or made many wrong turns to get to my destination. Now that I feel armed with a "map", there is a knowing that with my new awareness that it's not just the destination, but what I experience in every day living that matters. So much of what I gave my energy to in the past, like anger, drama, complaining, is no longer in the forefront. As always 'THANK YOU! Thank you!' It IS really that simple. Amen. From someone who's been there"

"Putting my energy in a positive affirming place leads to more amazing things, instead of a drain of energy due to obligations or the “I shoulds"

"I wanted more of the experiential stuff like the night we worked on a person’s self esteem, it had a great impact on me…"

"I am now able to recognize when I am playing the victim role, and can move into creating more of what I want. I find myself saying or asking myself that throughout the day now."

"The leader was excited about his work. Humble in presenting the ideas. Insistent on the power behind the ideas and patient with the participants."

"I loved every minute of it. Thank you, Steven Keeler. You are an amazing person and your enthusiasm for presenting a new way of life is admirable. I wish you many blessings and joy… I used to equate caring for and being good to myself with being selfish—NOT TRUE I’ve learned."

"Unbelievable! It is amazing how sometimes the answer is there even before the question is finished."

"Learning to listen to my heart has been an emotional and physical lifesaver."



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