I was interviewed through the University of Hawaii, Hilo radio station on April 26, 2004 on "The Peace Place" with Anne Smith. This two hour program covers the subject of creating more peace in your life. You can hear it as an MP3 streaming audio file using your media player.

Interview with Steven Keeler

I appeared on the radio show called "News for the Soul". The show, "Networking with Soul" aired live on March 27 from 7-10 pm PST on Vancouver radio station, CFUN 1410 AM. The broadcast range of this station included Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Alberta and Seattle. To tune in to the show via the web, use this link:

Steven Keeler Radio Appearance

You will need the RealPlayer plug-in to listen to this program. Once connected to the audio stream you can slide the dial to the time code of 1:30:00 for the segment of the show where I appear.


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