The long awaited memoir from international consultant and psychotherapist Steven Keeler is here.

Our current world situation is one where more and more people are feeling afraid and victimized. Many people are asking, “But how will I live, eat or pay for gas, support my family, own a home, or pay medical bills?” Every day in my office I see people who are struggling to stay afloat—financially, physically, psychologically, emotionally, relationally. I have always believed there had to be a better way—and there is.

Consider for a moment why, out of all the other choices of reading material you had, something guided you to pick up this book and read these words. What is that something? And what if we learned how to follow that guidance?

You and I were born with a magnificence that few can imagine. Even fewer learn how to become accountable for this magnificence. As far as I know, we are the only entities on the planet, or anywhere for that matter, who can take a thought and turn it into a manifestation. In other words, take nothing and create something. Could it really be that we can create our own reality? I decided to find out once and for all by doing an experiment on myself.

Follow me on my journey and then decide for yourself…


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